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Our Services Offerings

Fan Hinge Installation

Install hinges to exterior base of fan for optimal cleaning access.FanHingeOpen

Maintenance Scheduling

Change fan belt and lube motor. Grease filter change from grease containment systems. Grease containment unit change.

Filter Changing

Disposal of old, worn out exhaust filters and replacing with new.BaffleFilterBeforeAfter_PH_JAdamy042911[1]

Grease Containment

Grease containment system installation on your roof or around your fan.GreaseContainment-1

Exterior Power Washing

Power washing of exterior building surfaces, walkways, dumpster platforms, parking oil spots, etc.Sppinner-in-action-WePowerWashParkingLots-3


Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Power washing and de-greasing of kitchen equipment: fryers, char-broilers, ovens, etc.

IKECA Certified IKECA Certified Comercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners